Only Music
Can Fill The Void
In Our Souls

We are two old friends who believe that music is a gift which enriches every minute of our lives. We experience the beauty of life through music, express our feelings through music and find consolation in music.

It is with music, therefore, that our journey together started. One of us has devoted his entire life to music, while the other one is an artist, whose father composed such beautiful songs, that they move our hearts until today.

Since both of us thrive in the magical realm created by music, we decided to join forces and share the magic with you. We developed speakers, which are as special as their future owners - hand crafted and aiming for perfection.

Thales tells us that water is the source of all things. Wherever we search for life, we will find water. Since music is our source of life, we named our first creation “Su”, which means water in Turkish, followed by “Nar”, “Almula”, “Ali”, and “Lara”.

Our speakers are unique. From now on, you’ll be able to enjoy every melody as if it were performed especially for you. Every precious moment of your life will stay with you forever. No matter whether you’re happy or sad, in love or feeling melancholic, dancing like crazy or day-dreaming, you will be surrounded by the sound of music coming from our speakers.

And while you enjoy, we will continue our journey, pursuing perfection with every step, carried by music as we go…

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